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Program Highlights

   Presentation / Speaker
Keynote Industry Speaker Covid-19 Pandemic Response – Where to 
Professor Michael Toole (VIC)
Keynote International Industry Speaker Pre-packed Pre-sterilized Single Use Small Implants Policy
Sulisti Holmes (SCOT)
Invited Speaker Unsterile Custom Impants
Robyn Williams (QLD)
Invited Speaker Choose your own adventure
Nicole Lapanaitis (NSW)
Abstract Speaker Quantitative analysis of residual protein contamination on reprocessed surgical instruments and comparison with international benchmarks
Steve Winter (SVA QLD)
Abstract Speaker Contaminated mobile phones and identification access cards of reprocessing staff; disinfecting personal items
Darren Martin (VIC)
International Guest Speaker Reprocessing Standards – A new era
Alison Stewart (NZ)
Abstract Speaker Annual audits kick goals with sustained AS/NZS4187:2014 compliance improvement
Lesley Lewis (VIC)
Invited Speaker Ultrasound probes – an insight
Trish Seagrove (QLD)
Keynote International Industry Speaker Shared Learning of Decontamination Incidents
Sulisti Holmes (SCO)
Keynote Motivational Speaker Motivational Talk
Mark Squirell OAM
Invited Speaker Manual Handling
Anne Hardy (VIC)
Abstract Speaker Addressing labour gaps within a specialist aging workforce; utilising strategic planning and review of available resources
Ann Borg (QLD)
Abstract Speaker Comprehensive Learning and Development (CLD) Framework in Central Sterilization Department
Shyam Lal Pandey (NT)
Invited Speaker Centralising a CSD
Sue Fuller (QLD)
Invited Speaker IP&C in Endoscopy
Di Jones (QLD)
Invited Speaker Biofilms in reprocessing
Karen Vickery (NSW)
Invited Speaker Standards to Clinical Practice
Robyn Williams (QLD)
Invited Speaker A Unique Position
Andrew Ellis (SA)